Minimal Bud Vases | SAND

Minimal Bud Vases | SAND

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Our Minimal Bud Vases are simple, classy and functional. They are designed for single stem and mini bouquet arrangements. Each piece is handmade using our proprietary sand stoneware and finished in our signature ivory glaze. The glaze on the rim of each piece has been removed to allow the warmth of the sand clay to be highlighted.

Product Dimensions:

4” Vase: 2.5” w, 4” h, 1 3/8” Rim
7” Vase: 4” w, 7” h, 1 5/8” Rim

Set Information:

Set of 2 | 5% off - 4” Vase, 7” Vase

Product Specifications:

Material: Sand Stoneware
Glaze: Ivory

Use: Food Safe, Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe

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